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Cables Looms & Harnesses

Cable looms, harnesses and associated multi-contact connectors have long been a successful part of the McGeoch business and, as such, we have extensive experience in their design and manufacture for a wide range of applications. Generally used to transmit signals and/or electrical power to and from specialist products and equipment, all our cable looms and harnesses are bespoke and generally manufactured to the customer’s own designs and specifications. We can, of course, offer a complete design service if required. Whichever route is taken, our highly skilled production and technical personnel will provide a quality assured service that offers reliability of product and delivery within agreed time frames. In addition, our wide experience in quality control means we can give our clients the quality and assurance required by the most demanding of projects. Right: The standard connectors used on McGeoch looms can have up to 191 contacts Power Stations We manufacture and supply cable looms to many of the UK’s nuclear and coal-fired power stations. Generally they are used to connect portable machinery and equipment in various areas for power supply and remote control, testing and monitoring procedures. Typical applications include the nuclear fuelling, testing and remote handling of supplies to cranes in contaminated areas. Our standard range of connectors provides the widest range of contact configuration and number. We can also incorporate other types of connector on the interface end of the loom including thermocouple materials (NI-CH, NI-AL). Jet Engine Testing As modern jet engines becomes bigger and more and more efficient, the need to test and monitor every aspect of their performance is crucial. McGeoch looms have long been used for this purpose, connecting all parts of the engine with the test room during both new engine development and subsequent production testing. Standard McGeoch connectors have up to 191 contacts to cover a wide range of applications. Above right: Amongst many other projects, McGeoch looms were used in the testing of the engines for the Airbus A330
McGeoch looms are used to test the engines on the Airbus A330.
High integrity engineering solutions to exacting standards
High integrity engineering solutions to exacting standards
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