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Control & Instrumentation Cubicles McGeoch’s acquisition of William White Switchgear back in 1999 brought with it a vast amount of experience, not only in the design and manufacture of electrical control and instrumentation systems but in the cubicles in which the equipment is housed. Nowadays that specialist knowledge still provides the basis of the electrical products and services we supply. Whether in surface ships or submarines, today’s maritime environments can often be harsh and demanding and in order for electrical control & instrumentation equipment to be able to function efficiently and without failure, the cubicles in which the equipment is housed need to have maximum reliability. Threats to on-board electrical equipment can come from a variety sources - and not only from seawater lashing over deck- positioned cubicles during periods of storm and inclement weather. Mechanical vibrations from the ship’s engines and electromagnetic radiation from radar and communication systems can quickly cause problems if the electrical equipment is not adequately protected. Even shipboard and underwater explosions - whilst extremely rare - still need to be taken into consideration. McGeoch control & instrumentation cubicles offer several distinct benefits Completely watertight Protection against moisture and dust Shock and vibration protection Thermal management Electromagnetic shielding Powder-coated finish for maximum external protection All our control & instrumentation cubicles are designed using the very latest 2D and 3D CAD systems. State-of-the art laser and punch press sheet metal cutting, brake press bending and fabrication and high-tech finishing operations are then used to manufacture the cubicles. Click the links below to view video footage of our in-house manufacturing operations … Amada Laser 1.5 kW LVD Punch Press P1212 (20 Ton) 150 Ton APHS 3108 PressBrake Component Washing, Masking & Powder Coating Specialist Paint Mixing & Spraying Electrical Component Assembly
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