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Control & Instrumentation McGeoch Technology has supplied a variety of custom designed Control and Instrumentation Systems equipment from our headquarters in Birmingham, UK, for a number of years. In addition, associated services including on-site installation, testing, fault diagnosis and service/maintenance programmes are available to support the products. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on appropriate projects and to become your solution provider for any control and instrumentation requirements. We treat all customers as a preferred business partner and are looking to develop a relationship with your company for many years to come. Control system designs can vary from small custom designed microprocessors and wall mounted control panels to floor standing cabinets and multi cubicle control centres, all providing the full benefit of isolation, safety and separation. Typical systems include … Bespoke control panels to meet specific technical        specifications Navigation Lighting Local Indication Panels Lifebuoy Release Systems HVAC & Firestops Galvanic Barrier Panels Stop/Start Panels Ballast Pump Controls Permission To Fly, Launch B
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