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Corporate Brochure

Over   and   under   the   waves,   the   name   of   McGeoch   Technology   has   long   been   synonymous   with   the   design   and engineering   of   high   quality   electrical   control   &   instrumentation   systems   and   specialist   marine   and   explosion   proof lighting for the world’s naval ships and submarines as well as the merchant ships and fleets of many nations. McGeoch is a proven supplier to the British Royal Navy’s Type 45 Destroyer, Astute and Successor Submarines and Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class Aircraft Carrier Projects and continues to build its reputation for quality, reliability and service in a wide field of both naval and merchant applications. nder the waves and on the surface, the name of McGeoch Technology has long been synonymous with high quality marine electrical systems. Our   corporate   brochure   provides   not   only   a   comprehensive   introduction   into   the   company   but   also   gives   full   details   of   our complete lighting and electrical systems for every project, application and budget. To download a pdf copy of the brochure, please click on the image below.
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