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High Integrity Engineering Solutions Leaflet

Over   the   years,   McGeoch   Technology   has   established   a   worldwide   reputation   for   outstanding   quality   and   service in    the    design    and    manufacture    of    high-quality    electrical    control    and    instrumentation    systems    and    specialist lighting for both land and sea applications. Above   and   below   the   waves,   our   marine   switchboards,   switchgear,   control   panels   and   bespoke   electrical   equipment can   be   found   in   many   of   the   world’s   naval   and   merchant   fleets.   Our   extensive   range   of   railway   and   hazardous   area lighting is also used in a wide scope of applications. Now,   from   our   headquarters   in   central   Birmingham,   UK,   we   are   able   to   offer   our   knowledge   and   skills   in   the   provision of high integrity engineering solutions to a much wider field of operation. Our   new   DL   pocked-sized   leaflet   provides   an   introduction   to   this   new   range   of   services.   You   can   download   and   print   a copy   by   clicking   on   the   front   cover   link   below   or   email   us   at   sales@mcgeoch.co.uk    to   receive   your   own   personal   copy by post.
High integrity engineering solutions to exacting standards