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Marine, Naval & Submarine Motor Starter Panels

In every ship and submarine, electric motors can be found in many on-board areas above and below deck and in the vessel’s engine room. Every motor needs a starter panel. These can be individual panels dedicated to one specific motor or part of a much larger ship’s control system. Motor drives are often grouped according to their function. These include … Fuel and lubrication systems Air conditioning and ventilation systems for accommodation and machinery areas Domestic service systems Where motors are controlled from a central system, this would normally be located in the vessel’s engine room, in a machinery control area or in a convenient location close to the actual motors. In such cases, the motors would be provided with individual starter panels. Nowadays much of a ship or submarine’s machinery is automatically controlled via micro-processor devices and video control units located in the machinery control room or, in the case of a ship, from the bridge. When this type of system is used, the motor control centres can be located either together in the machinery control room or alternatively, distributed throughout the vessel close to the motors being controlled. McGeoch has wide experience in the manufacture of motor starter panels and offers both a standard range of units as well as fully integrated bespoke solutions.
High integrity engineering solutions to exacting standards
High integrity engineering solutions to exacting standards
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