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Marine, Naval & Submarine Suppressor Boxes

McGeoch Technology (incorporating William White Switchgear) designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of power distribution and control and instrumentation panels for warships. McGeoch marine switchgear can be found at the heart of critical power distribution systems in many of the ships and submarines on and under the world's seas and oceans. Suppressor Boxes reduce the interference passed from one area to the next in the confined environment of a warship. Our comprehensive range of through bulkhead and bulkhead mounting suppressor boxes are designed to reduce mains and signal circuit born interference. If a standard unit does not suit a particular application, we have wide experience in the design and building of bespoke suppressor boxes. Features Suppression of power supply and telephone cable born EMI Up to 200 A, 440 V, 60Hz Through bulkhead and bulkhead mounted versions Three way to 36 way versions as standard plus bespoke designs Applications Prevention of propagation of interference into sensitive compartments Prevention of export of sensitive signals from compartments Our range includes ... Control Panels Distribution Panels Emergency Supply Connections Isolating & Hand & Automatic Change Over Switches LCS Junction Boxes Load Centres
High integrity engineering solutions to exacting standards
High integrity engineering solutions to exacting standards
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