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McGeoch Technology specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality electrical control and instrumentation systems and specialist lighting for both land and sea applications including marine switchboards, switchgear and control panels and bespoke electrical equipment.

It was in 1832 that William McGeoch founded the McGeoch Organisation. He came from a farming family and had broken away from the land to work in a lawyer’s office. He was then apprenticed to an ironmongers and by 1832 had saved up enough money to start his own business specialising in marine ironmongery.

William McGeoch & Co acquired their Warwick Works in Birmingham in 1887 and almost immediately began manufacturing lighting fittings for the ‘SS City of Paris’ (right) being built in Clydebank. Their range included some curious designs of lampholders which were in common use before the Edison-Swann type of lampholder became the industry standard.

Over the years McGeoch has become a proven and long standing supplier to the British Royal Navy and all the very latest projects including the Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class Aircraft Carrier, McGeoch continues to build its reputation for quality, reliability and service in all aspects of marine engineering, The company has also consistently moved ahead of the times and kept well abreast of modern technologies.

In rail, in explosion proof lighting and in LED universal applications too, McGeoch today is at the very forefront of design, engineering technology and supply, brightening up the way rail travellers travel, safely and efficiently illuminating hazardous areas and providing tent lighting for military personnel accommodation in and around hostile areas. In all these applications, the company uses state-of-the-art LED technology which is designed to meet the low energy, high efficiency and environmental lighting demands of the modern world.

McGeoch specialises in the design, engineering, manufacture, project management and installation of electrical and electronic equipment for marine vessels and submarines including specialist lights, lighting and switchgear. From its headquarters in Birmingham, the company offers a total solutions package with prototype and test, supply chain and manufacture and integrated logistical support forming a vital part of day-to-day operations, all backed by a team of highly qualified design engineers, widely experienced in all aspects of both mechanical and electrical applications.

In 1999, McGeoch acquired William White switchgear and was able to take advantage of the company’s legacy and vast experience in the design and engineering of instrumentation panels for warships. Nowadays, this knowledge provides an integral part of McGeoch’s operations for which the company has established its international reputation as a leading electrical solution provider.

McGeoch has successfully engineered and supplied electrical equipment for many of the world’s frigates, destroyers, off-shore patrol vessels, missile boats and submarines in projects such as Type 42, 23, and 45, LPD, LPH, Trafalgar and Astute. Equipment such as this forms the very backbone of the McGeoch business and whilst designed to provide a long, trouble-free service life, the company’s ongoing support is unrivalled in the marine industry.

McGeoch offers leading edge optics and lighting technology and is committed to retaining its ‘best in class¹ status for the engineering and supply of lights, lighting and switchgear to the marine industry.

To enable the company to offer a total solutions package, a range of EMC Enclosures has also been developed. These are now used extensively in defence applications.

The company operates to the very highest quality standards, holds ISO 9001:2015 and SIRA approval and is working on the JOSCAR, Rolls Royce Sabre Quality standards and also the SC21 programmes.

McGeoch Lights Up HMS Dauntless

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