McGeoch Rules the Waves

McGeoch Technology, renowned for bespoke electrical systems and marine lighting, has supplied over 12,000 lighting units and 600 panels for naval ships and submarines, highlighting its long-standing expertise in naval engineering.

A Right Royal Occasion

Birmingham’s 1956 British Industries Fair showcased UK’s finest, including standout McGeoch & Co Ltd. The event attracted global buyers and a royal visit from Queen Elizabeth II, epitomizing Britain’s industrial excellence

A New Direction For Warwick Works

McGeoch’s Warwick Works stood strong through the Birmingham Blitz, later leading in electronics innovation. Discover McGeoch’s unparalleled electronics skills and their transformative journey post-WWII

McGeoch’s Hero With a Smile

On the night of 22nd November 1940 and through the early hours of the following day during one of Birmingham’s worst WWII blitzes, incendiaries rained around the Coventry Road Works of McGeoch & Company Limited, electrical engineers and brassfounders. Some fell on...

By Hook & By Crook The Business Survives

During the first world war, McGeoch's business was almost entirely devoted to Government contracts for electrical and general equipment, particularly those from the admiralty, for whom the company was making many standardised electric light fittings, watertight plugs...

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