Aerospace Electronics

Unleashing Potential: McGeoch Technology’s High-Performance Aerospace Connectors

Your Partner In Bespoke Aerospace Electronics

Welcome to McGeoch Technology, your partner in innovative and high-performance aerospace electrical connectors and electronics. Our bespoke aerospace electrical solutions, from standard to custom-made, are designed to meet the most complex requirements in the aerospace sector with precision and efficiency. 

Empowering Aerospace Innovations

Our robust, multi-pin aerospace electrical connectors have revolutionised both terrestrial and marine applications. Trusted globally by naval and merchant fleets, our connectors are at the forefront of aerospace technology. Find out how our cutting-edge solutions can drive your project’s success.

Bespoke and Standard Aerospace Connector Solutions

Recognising that one size does not fit all, we provide both standard and specialised connectors. Furthermore,  our high-performance aerospace connectors are uniquely designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs. Discover the difference a tailored solution can make.

Aerospace Electronics

In addition to our aerospace connectors, we manufacture and supply looms and umbilicals. Moreover, these products are extensively utilised in both nuclear and conventional power stations, as well as by aero-engine manufacturers during development and production phases. Learn more about how our range can enhance your operations.

Why Choose McGeoch Technology?

As a leading aerospace connector manufacturer, we are committed to delivering industry-leading products. Our products and services have found favour with the Royal Navy, the US Navy, and the NATO fleet. Experience the McGeoch advantage for yourself.


What types of connectors do you offer?
At McGeoch Technology, we offer a comprehensive range of robust, multi-pin electrical connectors suitable for numerous applications. From fixed to free, standard to specialised, we ensure the right fit for your needs.
Can I customise my connector according to my needs?
Yes, absolutely. We understand that each project has unique requirements. Our connectors can be customised to specific customer specifications, including the number, type, and layout of the contacts.
How do I order aerospace connectors?
Ordering aerospace connectors from McGeoch Technology is a simple process. Start by filling out our online enquiry form or call us directly at our office. Our team will get back to you promptly to understand your requirements and guide you through the process.
How do I request a quote for aerospace connectors?
Requesting a quote is straightforward. Please fill in the enquiry form on our website, providing as much detail as possible about your requirements. Alternatively, you may call us directly. We aim to respond to quote requests as quickly as possible.
How do I contact McGeoch Technology?
You can reach out to McGeoch Technology by phone, email, or through the contact form on our website. Visit our ‘Contact Us’ page for more detailed information. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your needs.
Are you ready to discover the difference McGeoch Technology can make to your project?
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