Maintenance, Repairs & Overhaul Services

McGeoch specialises in the design, engineering, manufacturing, project management and installation of electrical and electronic equipment for naval and merchant marine vessels and submarines.
From our headquarters in Birmingham, UK, we also offer a comprehensive service for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of our products, especially those that are nearing the end of their expected service life.

As with all McGeoch’s other operations, the key to this service is flexibility and our ability to respond to customers’ needs in the most cost effective and productive way. To this end, a dedicated team of highly experienced engineers has been put in place to manage the most complex and demanding challenges of our maintenance, repair and overhaul activities.

McGeoch’s wide experience in the defence sector often involves reverse engineering obsolete military equipment and systems and providing a certificate of testing where required.

The following sequence of events is typical of most projects – always managed in their entirety by a dedicated McGeoch engineer …

  • Initial equipment inspection includes complete strip down of equipment and the preparation of survey reports.
  • Quotations are prepared and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Components requiring upgrading are identified and modified.
  • New components are purchased and fed into the re-work programme.
  • In many cases, a new surface finish is applied to the exterior of the equipment being re-worked.
  • After re-assembly, all items pass through stringent quality control procedures and are thoroughly tested in line with current legislation before being approved and signed off by our engineering team.
  • When complete, the equipment is carefully packed and shipped back to the customer complete with all relevant test certificates and documentation.
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