The sea is one of the most demanding environments there is. Whether you’re lighting for naval vessels or oil rigs, this creates its own set of very specific challenges from ‘ruggedisation’ through to power consumption, light quality, longevity, maintenance and more.

In an exclusive four page article in this month’s ‘Lighting Journal’, McGeoch Technology’s Managing Director, John D’Ambrogio explores the challenges of providing LED lighting in extreme naval environments.


“Naval Environments are harsh,with year wide temperature ranges for external lighting, high levels of solar loading and ultra violet radiation and mandatory resistance to salt spray, salt air and a high IP rating.”

The design and manufacture of lighting for naval and merchant vessels present major challenges and much greater than those required for a typical lighting project. Not only have the harsh environments of the world’s oceans to be considered, the quality of light, power consumption and a long, maintenance-free service life are vitally important factors.

McGeoch has been successfully manufacturing ruggedized lighting for over 180 years, lighting which has graced many of the world’s naval, merchant and passenger fleets. The company has also consistently moved ahead of the times and kept well abreast of modern technologies.

With the advent of LED Technology, probably the greatest challenge in the company’s legacy has been to develop an entire new range of ruggedized lighting which meets every aspect of modern-day criteria. That challenge has been met full on and has firmly established McGeoch as one of the major players in this fast-evolving industry.

Click here to read John D’Ambrogio’s article on pages 10 to 13 of this month’s ‘Lighting Journal’.