Over the years, McGeoch Technology has established a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality and service in the design and manufacture of high-quality electrical control and instrumentation systems and specialist lighting for both land and sea applications. Above and below the waves, our marine switchboards, switchgear, control panels and bespoke electrical equipment can be found in many of the world’s naval and merchant fleets.

Nowadays, we are able to offer our knowledge and skills in the provision of high integrity engineering solutions for a much wider field of operation.

To meet the ever-increasing quality demands of our customers, McGeoch has consistently invested in the very latest state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment including the introduction of 4th and 5th axis machining centers, significantly increasing the scope of our manufacturing capability and allowing us to produce even the most complex components efficiently, economically and to the very highest specifications. And not only for our own specific needs; sub-contract work can always be seen running in parallel.

The key to McGeoch’s manufacturing services is flexibility with all aspects of operation centred under one roof at our UK headquarters in Birmingham. This provides a complementary route to support the rest of the business and allows all our electrical and electronic equipment to be designed, manufactured and assembled completely ‘in-house’.

In recent months, three new machines have been introduced to further complement and streamline shop floor operations under the watchful eye of Dan Asprey, our new Head of Operations. We have produced a short video clip of each machine in operation which you can see by clicking on the home page of page of this website on from the link below.

In this and furure blogs we will we will be looking at each machine in more detail and showing some of the components we are now able to manufacture with much greater efficiency.

In this initial blog we feature our new Maxiem 1530 Abrasive Waterjet System which provides the fastest cutting speeds and highest precision for a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from metals and composites to glass and plastics.

To see videos of our machines please click here

The Maxiem 1530 Abrasive Waterjet System is designed for a wide range of machining needs and sets a higher standard for precision abrasive waterjet machining.

The rigid tank design is scaled to handle common plate sizes with room to spare. The advanced linear motion system uses digital linear encoders to provide instant micron-level cutting head position feedback to the controller to assure accurate part production.

Equipped with a diamond-integrated Maxjet 5i Nozzle, the 1530 can cut virtually any material quickly and efficiently, considerable enhancing our shop floor flexibility.