Despite the advent of 4th and 5th axis machining centers and multifeed lathes which can be seen side-by-side on McGeoch’s Engineering Shop Floor, recent investment has also seen the arrival of more traditional machinery including a Universal Turret Milling Machine.

This latest addition to McGeoch’s manufacturing capabilities offers the perfect and flexible solution for drilling, milling and boring operations. It incorporates a huge table size, 3 axis digital readout, a separate power feed to all three axes, 3hp variable speed head, power feed to quill and built-in coolant. It is a heavy duty and sturdy machine, rated for continuous use. It is precision manufactured using meehanite castings and has hardened bed ways which guarantee a much longer service life.

Accurate engineering tolerances have been met by highly skilled engineers during the machine’s development and manufacture and those skills are now being demonstrated by McGeoch’s Dave Lewis who has been successfully operating the machine since it’s installation.

The Universal Turret Milling Machine is one of three new machines that have been introduced to further complement and streamline shop floor operations under the watchful eye of Dan Asprey, our new Head of Operations.

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McGeoch’s Dave Lewis operating the new Universal Turret Milling Machine with 3rd axis configuration for fast and accurate drilling, milling and boring operations.